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Preparation for Delivery Information

Delivery of Sheds:
Our sheds are delivered to your home fully assembled and ready to use. We will bring them to the prepared location using our specialized trailer or we can bring the shed in using our shed mover. Some additional charges may apply, please feel free to contact us regarding our delivery process.

If your location is not accessible by the traditional methods we do have other options such as cranes available starting at 500$.

Placement of Shed:
The sheds are built, delivered and remain on skids made of 4' x 4' or 4' x 6' pressure treated lumber. This is important as this is the point of contact with the ground. The shed floor is protected from rotting as it remains off the ground. For this reason, costly and labour-intensive cement "pads" and foundations are not required.


What are the best ways to prepare the site for a shed, gazebo or garage?

Option 1: 
A clear stone pad. To prepare a stone pad, remove the sod from an area slightly larger than the pad, level the site by removing dirt where necessary, and spread " crushed stone to a depth of 4" & 6". Tamp the stone down with a piece of 4-by-4 or metal tamper until it is evenly distributed and the site is flat and level. The pad should be 1' larger all the way around than the shed. For example, a 10' x 14' building would require a stone pad of at least 12' x 16'. This allows for better drainage around the perimeter of the shed for rain/snow melt dripping off the eaves. Water splashing directly onto the ground will, eventually, create a muddy area and splash up onto the shed walls. Note: A "frame" of pressure-treated 4x4's or cement block will help keep the stone in place and create a neater appearance.

Option 2: 
A concrete slab. A level concrete slab between 3" - 4" thick and at least a foot larger than the building in length and width, as with the gravel pad.

Option 3:
Setting the shed on patio blocks. This is the most economical option where 1" thick, 12" x 12" patio blocks are placed on the four corners of the shed. The shed is set on to a level ground with jacks set underneath. Note: Patio blocks are to be used, not cinder blocks. 

Cinder blocks. Inevitably, there will be some "settling" after your shed is delivered and placed on site. Placing a shed on cinder blocks greatly increases the risk that your shed will settle unevenly. This can create twisting and offset door and window frames. Additionally, delivery and placement of shed can be with more difficult with cinder blocks as a base.



We Deliver
Your Garden Shed will be delivered on our flat bed trailer to your home. We require proper accessiblity for our trailer to gain access to the location where your garden shed will be installed.


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