Cottage – Vinyl With Mansion Overhangs

Standard Features Include:

  • 6’6” side walls (6’3” inside wall height)
  • Double german doors
  • 2 – 18” x 27” or 24” x 27” windows
  • Louvered shutters
  • Metal corner trim

Options Shown in picture:

  • 6” higher walls for larger overhang
  • 11 lite double doors
  • 12” Fancy hinges
  • Larger windows
  • 1” x 3” trim instead of shutters

How To Order

Ordering from Garden Shed Ottawa is easy.  Give us a call at 613-581-0547 or send us an email and we will be please to assist you with your sizing requirements, options & pricing.  Alternatively, drop by our lot to see our inventory, during or post business hours.

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