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Creative Poly Outdoor Furniture


Choose Finch outdoor furniture for attractive designs, tough durability, and extensive color options.

Durable. Finch poly-lumber outdoor furniture will last a lifetime while resisting fading, cracking, peeling, or rotting. Designed and manufactured to stand up against harsh outdoor elements, the poly lumber and stainless steel fasteners remain the same through storms, blizzards, high winds, and blazing sun. In addition to withstanding harsh weather, our furniture’s toughness makes it an excellent choice for beach furniture. Finch’s all weather patio furniture is the choice for a lifetime.




Krahn is a Canadian manufacturer of premium quality poly furniture, conveniently located in the Great Lakes region in Southern Ontario. They are a family-based company and have been designing and building patio furniture since 1986. All products are engineered and built with comfort, quality, and beauty first and foremost that caters to our dealers and customers above anything else.



How To Order

Ordering is easy, simply call, email, or stop by the lot to view one of our many inventory pieces. Starting with your desired dimensions, we will build the quote with you, and once we have it to your preferred specifications, we will get the ball rolling on production!

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