Q: Access to the space where I want to put the shed is not wide enough, or it is blocked by a fence. Can I still have a shed delivered?
A: Yes. We can lift the shed over the fence, or even over the house in most cases, at an additional charge.

Q: Can I choose where the doors and windows are on my shed?
A: Yes, the doors and windows can be moved around as you wish during the ordering process.

Q: Can I select colours and shingles or metal roof colours?
A: Yes, we have a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Q: Do I need a permit?
A: Most municipalities require a permit for structures over 108 square feet or 10 square meters.

Q: What will I need to get a permit?
A: This may vary by municipality, so it is best to check with your local municipality to identify what they will need. Once you know what is needed, we can assist you with the permit application process.

Q: What do I have to do to prepare for delivery?
A: You will need a level base for the shed to sit on, prepared either by yourself or by a third party contractor experienced in this trade. We can provide a contractor for you, if required.

Q: How do I pay for my shed?
A: We require a deposit of 25% of your total order to start construction of your structure. The remaining balance is due upon delivery. We accept cash, cheques, etransfers and we also accept credit cards.

Q: What is the delivery time once I place my order and pay my deposit?
A: Delivery times can be as short as two weeks, or upwards of six weeks during the prime season, due to higher demand.

Q: Are you open year-round?
A: We operate from April to December, weather permitting. We do not operate when there is snow on the ground.

Q: How large of an access way do you need to deliver a shed to my property?
A: We need a space that is at a minimum two feet wider than the shed to safely deliver a shed. That means that if you would like to purchase a shed that is 10ft wide then we need a space that is 12ft wide.

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