Quality Handcrafted Outdoor Garden Storage Sheds in Ottawa Ontario Canada.


Each customer structure is delivered to your home fully assembled and ready to use.

Our structures are delivered fully assembled. Each shed has two to five pressure treated runners for easy portability using our specialized trailer. Upon arrival, we will remove the shed from our trailer in the laneway or street., then wheel it into your yard with a small forklift on one end and two sets of ‘dolly’ wheels at the other end to prevent damage to your yard. Once the structure is on solid ground we will then use a special piece of equipment, called a “Mule” to navigate the remainder of the way into the yard. This will prevent any damage from occurring to grass, patio stones etc.

If your base is not accessible by traditional methods, we do have alternative options, such as boom trucks and cranes that will allow us to lift over a fence, shrub or even a house.

Our sheds are built, delivered and remain on skids made of 4” by 4” pressure-treated lumber. This serves as the point of contact with the ground. The shed floor is protected from rotting as it remains off the ground. For this reason, costly and labour-intensive cement pads and foundations are not required.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our delivery process.

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